Thursday, August 16, 2012

Find Easy Recipe Inspiration Everywhere

So, sometimes it can seem like a real challenge to come up with new recipes off the top of your head. And we get tired of eating the same dishes over and over. Do you ever wish you could pick someone else's brain for easy inspiration? Well here's a tip I just tried last week and it worked awesome!

Next time you're in your favorite store take
a picture of a the ingredient labels of food items that look appetizing to you. The deli section can be a gold mine! Even packaged foods will do. Or if you're at a restaurant, take a pic of the menu item. You may also want a pic of the food itself for reference.

Here's the cool part: The items listed on ingredient labels are almost always listed from the largest amount of ingredient used, to the smallest. This means for a new recipe simply use the ingredient list as your shipping list. Then, when you get home use the same list to figure out approximately how much of each ingredient you will add to your recipe! Feel free to substitute and as needed or desired.

Cooking is not hard and fast rules so this will give you both, inspiration and the freedom to make the dish "you own."

Here's your first one: This pic it's a wonderful Tuscan salad that is tatey and easy. It keeps well and gets even better after a day or too, enjoy!