Great Links

Here are some great recourse to get you started or to help you continue on your Meatlessly Mouthwatering, Plant-based eating journey!

The Edgy Veg  Meet Candice. This girls site is cool! She's fun and out there and knows how to make healthy vegan junk food! As well as, yummy vegan meals. She has a youtube channel to boot!

Going Vegan with Ellen Ellen DeGeneres has so many wonderful things waiting for you on her site! Vegan tips, blog, stories. You really must check her site out.

The Kind Life Alicia Silverstone is a leader in not only plant-based living but, in a 'kind' way of treating yourself, others, the animals and the plant. You my also want to check out her book The Kind Diet.

Tal Ronnen This guy is FANTASTIC. He is now my virtual mentor. LOL check out my write up on his latest cookbook here and his website His food will have even the most hardcore meat-eater salivating over his gourmet Vegan dishes.

Four Green Steps. This site is great. Four Green Steps is a site that features green living and has tons of great information

Meatless Monday This is a great 'gateway site' into meatless eating. They have everything ready to get the ball rolling for you. It makes starting a very easy step to take.

Mouthwatering Vegan Just found Mouthwatering Vegan. com I know it's risky posting this link as it's similar to me idea but, OMG I must! The food looks Oh so good.!

Christina Ferrara Recipes Christina Ferrara's site is pretty to look at. Her recipes are vegetarian, a great place to start for newbies.

Plant Based Diet on Facebook posts recipes, interesting info from all over the web, related to plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, and conscious living.