Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mock Tuna Salad

Well the other day I gave my first crack at Vegan "Tuna" Salad. My wife was craving tuna salad sandwiches so I did a little research then
gave it a whirl! Both her and my daughter, Chianti, loved it! Today I made it again and shared it with my older brother Sean, my sister in law Jody and my younger sister Rachel. They all gave it a thumbs up as well. Jody texted and asked for the recipe, "Jody this one is dedicated to you! It's easier than it looks and you'll have this one down in no time!"  :-D 

Raw Almonds 1 cup (soaked over night and drained)
Vegan Mayo 4 Tbs.
Red Onion 1-2 Tbs. (chopped)
Dill 1-2 tsp (dry or fresh)
Celery Seed 1/2-1 ts)
Pepper (to taste)
Bragg's Aminos (to taste, can sub Salt)
Sea Granules 1-2 tsp (you could sub nori aka sushi roll sheets or other dry sea greens)
Capers 1-2 Tbs. (you could sub or add diced pickles too)
Caper Brine/Juice 1-2 Tbs (sub/add pickle juice)
Lemon Juice 1-2 tbs
Lemon Zest (from 1/2-1 lemon)
Celery - optional (1 ribbed diced)
Red Onion - optional (a few thin slices diced)
Pickles - optional (1 diced)
Capers - optional (to taste)

1 Put the almonds in the processor and process until finely ground, but still has some texture.

2 Place remaining ingredients (except the optional(s), save those for the end) in your food processor and process until well combined, but still has texture. Feel free to add additional moister via water or veggie broth ( or additional mayo, just be careful of the Mayo's calories ;-) )

3 Scoop into a mixing bowl and stir in any of the optional(s) you like, re season if needed. Enjoy!