Monday, December 30, 2013

Planning for success.

Honestly, I haven't posted in a long time because I've felt guilty for sliding back into a more meaty way for eating. Belly fat came back, energy down, puffy face, etc etc. Like I mentioned in "my story," I've always enjoyed meat and was raised cooking and baking with animal based ingredients. Doing "what's best" isn't always easy, but I know it's better for me and my family when we are eating (and living) a more plant based life style. So
now is the time to start getting my butt back in gear.

This weekend I got to thinking about how to do that and what gets in my way. One challenge I've found in cooking meatlessly is switching my mind set on how to put a meal together. In the past it was:

  1. What meat do we have?
  2. Cook it.
  3. Make a sauce.
  4. Add a veggie and a starch.

BAMMM! Dinner is served!

I remember that for meal planning, my mom taught me to figure out other meals I could make with similar ingredients. 

Roast beef dinner be comes, taco or burrito filling, and beef barley soup. Turkey becomes, sandwiches, soup, pot pies. And so on.

So I got to thinking, 'how do we take this approach in meals made meatlessly?'

So off the the farmers market I went for some inspiration.

I saw some cabbage and I thought, 'Hey I can make plant based stuffed cabbage rolls!' (recipe soon)
Then I saw a butter nut squash and wondered what I could make. 'Well, I'll have rice from the cabbage rolls, how about vegan sushi with, butter nut squash, cashew nuts, basil and vegan cream cheese!"  (recipe Here
Then I realized I would have the left over center of the cabbage so I thought, 'how about a noodle bowl soup with basil, mint , tofu, carrots, sea greens........." Which lead to more meal ideas! pretty soon I had 5-6  meals that all used ingredients for one of the other meals. Thanks MOM!

I hit a couple stores and soon I had all the ingredients to make the main parts of each meal. Went home prepped and cooked. Froze some, others went in containers in the fridge. Wrote them on the white board. And that my freinds is:

PLANNING FOR Meatlessly Mouthwatering SUCCESS!