Saturday, June 2, 2012

Creamy Tequila Lime "Chicken" over Barley

Hi There everyone! I know it's been awhile sense my last recipe post. I've been working on my 'Summer' body for the last 3 months so that's eaten up most of my usual morning blogging time. I think I've gotten a routine down that will let me do both. So stay tuned for more cooking fun this summer!!! Now on to this yummy recipe.

I first made this years ago, it was a dairy filled, meat filled, white pasta delight and I couldn't wait to make it again! Well I
saved the recipe and never got to make it again. That is until a couple weeks ago when I decided to revamp it and make it a meatlessly mouthwatering, creamy, vegan meal of wonder! It could be made as a cashew cream free version and be really great too. So here we go:

Whole Grain Barley 1 pot (follow package directions, cooked in vegan 'chicken' broth, keep warm)
Dry Large Texturized Veggie Protein 2-3 cups (this is your 'chicken')
Vegan Chicken Broth 2-3 cups (or veggie broth)
Bragg's Aminos 3 Tbs (can sub soy sauce)
Vegan Butter 6 Tbs
Cilantro 1/2-1 bunch (chopped)
Garlic 4-6 cloves (minced)
Jalapeno 2-4 Tbs (minced)
Tequila 6-8 Tbs (more or less, i like more)
Lime Juice 4-6 Tbs (fresh squeezed)
Red Onion 1/2 (sliced thin)
Red Bell Pepper  1 (slice thin)
Yellow Bell Pepper 1/2 (slice thin)
Green Bell Pepper 1/2 (slice thin)
Cashew Cream 1 1/2 cups
Lime Wedges (optional for garnish and seasoning)

1 Soak your Veggie Protein in 2 cups of the broth (reserve 1 cup) and Bragg's Aminos. Keep and eye on it and stir every now and then to soak up the broth. Test one out after about 30 mins to see if they are all fully re hydrated.

2 In a medium sauce pan melt 3 Tbs butter. Add the Cilantro (save a little for garnish), Jalapeno, Tequila and Lime Juice. Bring to boil on medium heat and cook until reduced to a thick paste.

3 In a medium to large skillet on medium heat melt the remaining butter. Saute the onions and bell peppers until wilted. When the peppers have wilted add the 'Chicken' and broth. Heat everything thru. Add the tequila lime paste and cashew cream. Remove from heat and stir until thick. Serve over the barley.

Tip: Cashew cream will thicken quickly when heated so, cooking off the heat is recommend so you can control it better. If the sauce is too thin place the skillet back on the low heat very briefly and it should thicken right up. If it gets too thick it can be thinned with a little almond milk or other vegan milk.