Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Veggie Hunt! Traveling in Unfamiliar Areas

So I'm visiting my best friends hundreds of miles from home. No juicer, no idea were to find a natural food store like the ones in my neighborhood, feeling like junk from eating stuff I don't usually eat, no blender or jucier so smoothies and green drinks are out! What to do?!?

A quick local search for "natural foods" on google and
BINGO!!!!! Sprouts Natural  Market is found!!! A phone call or two and I was connected to the local 'healthful eating' community. This place is great it has a fresh juice and smoothie bar where I was able to get a 20oz "Sprouts Rx" juice full of wheat grass and spuralina! Just what the doctor ordered! They also have a wonderful selection of bulk items, organic produce, baked goods and much more.

So next time you're out traveling, try doing a quick google search and get yourself connected to the local 'healthful eating' community. From there you will find everything you need get back on track or keep yourself on track.