Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's For Breakfast?

Its 6:00AM. You're trying to get the kids off to School. You're staring blankly into the fridge at all this produce and thinking, 'what in the world can I make for breakfast?' It was all so easy in your meat loving days. Grab an egg, grab some bacon, slice of bread in the toaster, make the coffee (ok maybe you make the coffee first :-D ) 10 mins later "Breakfast is served!" Now you're sitting here with all these fruits and veggies and for some reason, you've got nothing for breakfast, that's fast and tastes good, right? Wrong!


Now I'll be the first to admit, I miss my eggs in the morning, I could write on and on about all the yummy ways I used to make them. And sure I've got a tofu quiche recipe that is yummy and I could make tofu scrambles, but sometimes I don't want to go to that effort. That's when I go for Smoothies. They're easy, almost brainless, taste good, packed with nutrients and maybe best of all they taste good! Serve with hot coffee or tea and a slice of toast and you've got a "hot" breakfast in minutes. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

So to give you some inspiration on how easy this can be, here's a snap shot (and recipe) of my breakfast this morning. Right from my iPhone. Coffee with vanilla coconut milk, Strawberry Cream Smoothie, slice of toast with Earth Bound 'butter.'

Strawberry Cream Smoothie:

Apples 2 (cored and chopped)
Strawberries 6 (tops removed)
Cashews 1 cup
Coconut milk 2-3 cups (or other 'milk')

1 Put everything in the blender.
2 Blend until smooth
3 Pour into a glass.

Leave a comment and tell me, "What kinds of things do you make for your "Meatless Breakfasts?"

Check out this book for more great smoothie ideas: