Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tal Ronnen - Vegan Chef of Amazingness!

Who is Tal Ronnen? He's the Vegan Chef of Amazingness!

I just discovered him the other day when Michelle brought home his book The Conscious Cook from the Library. This book is now a must buy, must own for myself and for
your kitchen too!

As soon as I saw the cover I said to myself, "this guy is totally embodying what Meatlessly Mouthwatering  means to me!" As you flip through the pages of this book your juices will start flowing. Literally! I know mine did. 

Now to be upfront, I haven't been able to read the book yet as I am still reading Alicia Silverstone's book The Kind Diet. But, I have been taking some time to salivate over the recipes and amazing plating photos that are presented, page after fabulous page! Tal's book also presents amazing information on plant-based foods, yet is not at all preachy or pushy about 'Vegan lifestyle.' You will find it very informative, inspirational and meatlessly mouthwating!

Here's what the cover of his book looks like, I would suggest going to amazon and getting a copy. This is a must have for the Plant Based, Vegetarian and or Vegan kitchen!: