Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pesto - Vegan style & a 49er game.

Just doing a little cooking getting ready for the week. 49er game coming on soon. Perfect time to make some pesto. Ok I don't see the connection either but, hey who cares, Weekends are about having
fun. So why not multi task a few fun things like cooking while you watch your favorite show, game or movie.

If you're going to make a success of plant based eating you've gotta learn how to work your food prep for the week into your regular activities. You'll find things a lot easier if you've got things like homemade hummus, pesto, Cashew "cheeese", etc on hand. So instead of veggin' out in front of the tv, veg out in the kitchen, while the tv is on. If the game or show gets exciting, then take a break and watch it! (which the 9er game was, even if they didn't make it to the Super Bowl)

So here's a great little pesto recipe you can make real quick. Then later use it as a sauce in pasta. Or a flavor spread on a sandwich. Or on homemade oven baked fries. You get the idea.

Basil 1 bunch (chopped)
Lemon 1/2-1 (juiced)
Olive oil 1/4 (more or less)
Garlic 1-3 cloves (depends on if you like garlic)
Vegan "Butter" 1 Tbs (I like Earth Bound)
Sun Flower Seeds 1/8-1/4 cup (raw shelled)
Pumpkin Seeds 1/8-1/4 cup (raw shelled)
Nutritional Yeast 1/8-1/4 cup (this is used instead of Parmesan cheese) 
Salt & Pepper (to taste)

1 Add everything to a food processor (or blender).

2 Turn it on. Add more oil or lemon juice if it's too thick.Turn it off when it looks right to you. It's really that easy.

3 Taste and adjust seasoning as needed. That's it folks, tastes awesome and is so simple a 4 year old could make it. No excuses :-D Enjoy!