Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Brunch Scramble with Breakfast Salad

Ah Sunday morning. It's the day to really go all out on a breakfast so, I decided to make a potato, tofu scramble and a light slightly sweet breakfast salad. Yesterday I found out that Costco has
a pretty good selection of organic produce and items. Now, I typically don't shop at Costco or big chain stores for a number of reasons, (one of which is I prefer to support local farmers at the Farmers Market) but, they had a great deal on blueberries, raspberries, cherry tomatoes, carrots and celery (for juicing), and mix baby greens. All of which became part of today's breakfast. I think Costco could be a great way for large families to start adding plant based meals to the menu and still keep things on budget.

So there are a million ways to do a scramble but here's what I did. Using a combo of Farmers market and Costco produce.

Olive oil
Potatoes 3-4 small reds (cubed)
Tofu extra firm 1 package (cubed)
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
Tumeric (to taste)
Paprika (to taste)
Italian Seasoning (to taste)
Leeks 1 (chopped)
Red Bell 1/2 (chopped fine)
Cilantro 2-3 Tbs (chopped)
Parsley 2-3 Tbs (chopped)
Avocado 1 (sliced)

1 Heat oil in skillet on med. Sprinkle a little salt, this will help make the pan non stick. Add the potatoes, season with Salt & Pepper and cook until golden. 

2 Add the tofu and a little more oil. Sprinkle with tumeric, paprika, Italian seasoning and more salt (or Bragg's Aminos) & pepper. Cook at least until heated and or browned. This will reduce the moister in the tofu too. Which is a good thing.

3 Turn off heat. Add the remaining ingredients and saute until heated. You don't need additional heat and this will keep some good texture though-out the dish.

Breakfast salad:
Mixed baby greens (as much as you want)

Blue Berries

Flax Seed oil (or any other you like)
Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar (from Trader Joes)  
Salt & Pepper (to taste)

1 Add the greens and berries to a bowl

2 Drizzle with oil and vinegar

3 Season with Salt & Pepper. Toss lightly, fingers work great. Plate and enjoy!