Sunday, January 15, 2012

Taco Meat V.S Meatlessly

So tonight I went to my cousins house for dinner. Tacos were on the menu. Now I love tacos just as much as the next guy so I knew I wanted to

join for dinner. I didn't want to have them tacos ground beef style though and I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it either. BINGO! Vegan veggie burger patties to the rescue! Now the other relatives are not plant-based, yet ;) , so I was curious how they would respond to my vegan taco filling. Well I'm happy to report many were pleasantly surprised. I was happy that even many of the young kids enjoyed. My second cousin Tyler (I think he's 12 or so) even made a point to find out who made them "so he could tell them how good it was." I was pretty impressed he was so on board! "Thank you, Love you Tyler!" And my Aunt Suzy decided to start following my blog! Wow! "Love you to aunt Suzy!" I'd say that was a success!

Truth is we eat with our nose and eyes first, then mind, then tongue. So if you can win the fight on the first two you have a really good chance of winning the battle on the second two. Both when cooking for ourselves and others. And just look at this untouched pic. Meat on the left, Meatlessly on the right. Which one do your eyes vote to win?

Here's how I made it:

Oil 2-3 Tbs.
Onion 1/2 (chopped)
Veggie burger patties 4 (chopped)
Chili powder 2-3 Tbs (more or less to taste)
Cumin 1-2 tsp. (to taste)
Garlic 1-2 cloves (chopped)
Tequila 1-2 Tbs (and a shot for you)
Margarita mix 1-2 tbs
Black beans 1 cup (cooked)
Cilantro 3-4 Tbs. (chopped)

1 Sauté onion in oil on medium heat till tender. Add next 4 ingredients stir and brown. Add more oil if needed. Ads tequila and margarita mix. Cook until all liquid is absorbed.

2 Salt and pepper to taste and adjust other seasoning as needed. Add remaining ingredients and heat through

3 Use this as you would any other taco filling. We had ours with guacamole, cilantro, salsa, lettuce, and avacado in a soft corn tortilla. Muy Beno!