Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3 Quick Tips to Start Cooking Meatlessly Mouthwatering.

Does this look like dinner to you?

I hope not! But for some when it comes to the idea of eating meatless meals, this is pretty close to the exact picture that comes to mind. Maybe that's how it is for you? 

Well let me show
you another picture ... 

Does this look yummy, exactly the way it is now, to you? Not really. If you had to take your pick to eat one of the two foods, exactly the way they are now, which one would you choose? Most likely, the celery. So what's my point?...

The fact is, most foods meat, veggie or otherwise are not all that exciting and yummy looking or tasting unless you do something to them. Cooking with veggies as the main course is no different. You've got to get creative, rethink family recipes and learn a couple new skills. But that's what makes it so fun!

So here are three quick tips to help you start cooking Meatlessly Mouthwatering meals:

1. Get Creative: If you are brand new to the idea of plant-based cooking then start by picking one night a week as your new meatless night. Meatless Mondays are an easy way to get the ball rolling. The Meatless Monday website will help you with recipes and creative inspiration.

2. Rethink Family Recipes: I'm sure you have some family favorite recipes. I know I do! Try taking a look at them as ask yourself, 'could I make this same recipe without meat?' If I take the meat out will I need to add something else in order to make more filling, tasty, savory, rich, etc??? Will I need to add a plant based protein such as, mushrooms, legumes, whole grains, seitan, (many others) or yes even tofu?

3. Learn New Skills: So there aren't really a lot of meatless cooking TV shows flying around for us to watch, so where can you go to learn new skills? One, ask a friend that you know who cooks meatless meals. (like me :-) ) I'm sure they would be happy to share some new ways of cooking with you. Two, surf the web!!! But look at sites you wouldn't normally go to. Like Raw Food Home Recipes cooking sites. They will teach you new ways of preparing food. "But wait," you may say, "I'm not going Raw Vegan!" This may be true but think about it, if a person isn't even cooking their food and they can make it look at taste great, they must have some interesting ways of preparing it. You can then use these skills to build your own repertoire of cooking techniques!

So now I've shared with you, it's your turn to share with others, post a comment and share your tips!