Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Garden "Steak" sandwich with Baby Greens, Red Peppers and Horseradish Mayonnaise

So making the switch from meat eating to plant-based or vegan can be ruff sometimes. I've gotta admit, there's times when you just want a nice juice bite of steak! Well this week
I was inspired by Tal Ronnen's book The Conscious Cook. I took a look at a couple of his recipes, tweaked and combined them. So here it is: 

This sandwich will satisfy that craving. And as a bonus you feel 100% guilt free afterwards too!

Portobello Mushrooms 4 (stem & gills removed)
Red Wine Marinade (recipe here)
Ciabatta Bread 4 pieces (grilled and sliced)
Olive Oil
Steak Rub Seasoning 1-2 tsp
Baby Greens 
Red Onion (slice paper thin)
Red Bell Pepper (julienned, aka thin-ish strips) 
Horseradish Mayo Sauce (recipe here)

1 Marinate mushrooms according to recipe. While that is happening, grill your bread. And make your sauce. Prep your veggies.

2 Remove mushrooms from marinade. Slice mushrooms on a bias (meaning sideways at an angle). Then sear in a hot pan with olive oil. Sprinkle with steak rub seasoning while searing. Don't over cook, you want the mushrooms to still have some body or slight raw-ness to them.

3 Assemble sandwich; spread both sides with sauce. Place a layer of green on both sides. On one side add some onions, red peppers and seared mushrooms. Place the other side on top. 

Voila!! Your steak craving is gone!!!!!