Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kale Pear Salad with Raspberry Almonds

Here's a tasty fall salad I just whipped up to take to our friends house for dinner tonight. Bitter kale, sweet tart pear, sweet crunch of
candied almond. So good!

Kale 1 bunch (chopped)
Oil 1-2 Tbs.
Red wine Vinegar 1/2 tsp.
Pear (diced I used 2 here 1 yellow 1 red)
Onion 1/4 (sliced paper thin)
Lime 1 (cut in half)
Almonds candied raspberry flavor chopped
Hemp seeds (optional)

1. Add first 5 ingredients to a bowl and massage until kale is soft and wilted.

2. Add pear and onion. Squeeze lime over fruit to keep from browning. Ross salad. Plate.

3. Sprinkle with almonds and hemp seeds. Serve with fork and devour!